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Colophony (Rosin)

The test preparation is a mixture containing indentified allergens as well as unidentified components that might be allergenic.

  1. Contact allergy established
  2. Present exposure

    1. Known exposure
      - Chemical analyses
      - Material safety data sheet
    2. Possible exposure
      - Unmodified as well as modified colophony are in use
      Sources: Plaster and adhesive bandages, mascara, depilatory waxes, some dental materials, glues, adhesives and tapes, wood and gum from pine trees, dancers’ and string players’ rosin, polishes, soldering fluxes, insulating tapes, paints and lacquers, cooling fluids, printing inks, paper
    3. Unknown exposure

  3. Dermatitis, course and localisation

    1. Relationship with the known or possible exposure
      Use tests; the Repeated Open Application Test
    2. Possible relationship with the known exposure
    3. Unknown relationship
      Cross-reactivity/simultaneous contact allergies to fragrances and Balsam of Peru and resins based on phenol and formaldehyde, should be considered

Allergic contact dermatitis from colophony = 3 a
Possible allergic contact dermatitis from colophony = 3 b

Key reference: Färm G: Contact allergy to colophony. Clinical and experimental studies with emphasis on clinical relevance.
Acta Dermato-venereologica, suppl 201, 1997.

Jan E Wahlberg